Find new leads and potential customers in Mexico. Our master database includes 4 million business records.

We have the right data for your needs.

Direct mail

4 million postal addresses.


1.7 million phone numbers.


450 thousand e-mail addresses.


4 million geo locations.


200 thousand Websites.


1,029 business types in 19 industries Sectors.

Buy Mexico Business Lists

Business Lists

In our databases you can filter the information by state, number of employees, postal, etc..


Based on the type of package and quantity of company records in the file.


Monthly we add an average of 500 new records to the database from multiple data sources.

Easy to Use

The file is ready to open in the Excel program and make filters and searches easily.


Everything you need to know before you get started

I'm interested in buying one of you database. What is the payment procedure?

The final price depends on the number of records contained in the database, buy more, pay less. Contact us and order the database you need, we accept payments via Paypal or Credit Card. Once the payment is credited, the file is sent to your email. Check the available databases.

Do the databases have all the fields of each record completed?

No, each database comes with complete and incomplete records, because there are businesses that do not have email, website or telephone. Contact us and verify the information of the data contained in each database before buying.

What data or fields does the list include?

All database include this fields: Company Name, Business Location Address, Postal Code, Suburb, City, Municipality, State, Employee Count, Phone Number, Website Address, Email, (Optionally Geo info).

If I need a specific database, can you get or create the database?

Contact us to detail your needs, we have multiple databases and experience to get the information you need.


Mexico Business Industries

You can start targeting your prospects with extreme precision, find your leads by industry.
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting industry business list Mexico
Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction industry business list Mexico
Construction industry business list Mexico
Manufacturing industry business list Mexico
Wholesale Trade industry business list Mexico
Educational Services sector business list Mexico
Finance and insurance sector business list Mexico
Hotel & gastronomy sector business list Mexico
Real Estate sector business list Mexico
Retail trade sector business list Mexico
Transportation & Warehousing trade sector business list Mexico


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